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Name: Aleman, Elaine Danielle - [Email Elaine Danielle]         (Site User Name: Dani)
Current Married/Last Name: Woodiwiss
Class Of: 1974
Current Occupation: Special Agent - FBI - Ret
Current Residence: Dallas, Texas
College(s) Attended: UNM - BBA; Amberton U - MBA
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General message and an update of what's happened since graduation:
"Served 6 years on active duty in U.S. Army - was a blast. I lived 3 years in Germany, where I learned to love beer and snow ski and 3 years stateside. Returned to Albuquerque - got my degree. Competed for a Special Agent position with FBI, spent 4 months at the FBI Academy. I was chomping at the bit to get out of that place. First assignment - Alexandria, VA, then on to Big D, where they needed agents with a business background to investigate Savings and Loan failures (1980s). Learned lots, worked with top caliber people, and got stressed out. Ended my career with a bang working on the violent crime squad, which included bank robberies, gangs, organized crime, child porn, & drugs - to name a few. The folks on the violent crime squad had a wicked sense of humor and managed to keep me in belly laughs until 2007 when I pulled the plug and gave the final salute. Miss the people, not the work. Now I\'m a putterer. I volunteer at a no kill animal shelter and take in cats or dogs to foster. I dabble in genealogy research and travel lots. I create mosaic art and jewelry. I\'ve had a blessed life and am much obliged. "

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