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Name: Sedillo, Patsy - [Email Patsy]         (Site User Name: Patsy Sena)
Current Married/Last Name: Sena-Armijo
Class Of: 1979
Current Occupation: Adjuster
Current Residence: Albuquerque, New Mexico
College(s) Attended: Ohio
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General message and an update of what's happened since graduation:
"I married at 19 and had two beautiful daughters. They are now 27 and 29.
Throughout the years, I went on to be a full time mother, a kindergarten teacher, as well as returning to work at DNHS. In 2005 I became a licensed Workers Compensation Adjuster and am now working as an adjuster and for APS.
I am now married to a wonderful man. Rick and I are in a Motorcycle ministry and I am a Chaplain.
I have 1 beautiful granddaughter and enjoy spending every moment I can

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