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Name: Smith, Carol - [Email Carol]         (Site User Name: sharptimes5)
Current Married/Last Name: Sharp
Class Of: 1993
Current Occupation: student and mother
Current Residence: Crestview, Florida
College(s) Attended: NWFSC and UWF
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General message and an update of what's happened since graduation:
"I bounced around ABQ and NM in general for a couple of years after graduation. I got married to a wonderful man, Mike, in 2002. We have two sons; James is 9 and Don is 6. We also have Olivia who is 15. She is the daughter of another of our classmates but has not been part of her life in over 10 years.
Our family lives in Florida, on the beautiful Gulf Coast. I am a full time student, dual enrolled at NWFSC and UWF. I have my sights aimed at being a social worker once all of my education is taken care of. "

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