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Name: Solenberger, Terry - [Email Terry]         (Site User Name: tsolenberger)
Current Married/Last Name:
Class Of: 1997
Current Occupation: Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer
Current Residence: Southern California, USA
College(s) Attended: Fullerton College, Orange Coast College
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General message and an update of what's happened since graduation:
"Hi Everyone, my folks and I moved to California a year after graduation to be near my grandparents. I pursued my passion for computer graphics in college. I first was inspired to enter this exciting field of study from taking classes from Pacha Kaye - remember him, one of our classes major sponsors! Talented in the Mac and with an attention for detail, I quickly grasped the skills needed to pursue a career in Graphic Design and Digital Art. I am currently a professional Digital Artist, Graphic Designer, & Photographer. Check out some of art in my online gallery store at: Thank you!"

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