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Name: Wood, Charles - [Email Charles]         (Site User Name: Charles Wood)
Current Married/Last Name: Wood
Class Of: 1967
Current Occupation: University Administrator (Retired)
Current Residence: 401 Live Oak Lane W., Havana, FL 32333
College(s) Attended: BA and MPA, University of New Mexico
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General message and an update of what's happened since graduation:
"It was a special privilege to attend Del Norte High School, especially during the exciting first year in 1964 when the beautiful campus opened on the then-sparsely populated northeast edge of Albuquerque. Although the dusty roads and sweeping vistas that characterized the area are long gone, the strong, positive impact of the school continues. The outstanding faculty prepared students to succeed academically and beyond. Under the leadership of Principal John Hoback and Asst. Principal Lovola Burgess, Del Norte attracted an extraordinarily talented team of teachers, directors, coaches and other key personnel who nurtured student success. The hard work that teachers and staff invested was reflected by their success in producing programs of the highest quality in academics, the arts, athletics and extracurricular fields. Although Mr. Hoback, Ms. Burgess and many of their colleagues have passed on, the grace of their good works will be sustained through the many lives they touched and the programs they enriched. I enjoyed a fulfilling career in resource development at institutions of higher education in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and New Mexico. My spouse Bonnie and I are proud parents of two fantastic daughters, one of whom is a NASA engineer and the other who works in commercial real estate, with wonderful husbands. We are blessed with two grandchildren. I enjoy engaging in community service, including serving as a youth basketball coach for over 20 years at a community center that serves the poorest zip code in Florida (a number of our teams have been named the Knights after our proud DNHS mascot). In addition to the terrific opportunities that Del Norte, NMSU and UNM provided, I am grateful for the friendships that nurtured me along the way coupled with great mentors and waves of opportunity. I recently attended a school reunion in my hometown of Clayton, NM where I joined cousins and friends who I grew up with. And I wondered: Where did all of those years go? I think of these years as if they were yesterday. After opening a new chapter upon retiring in 2020, I found that our “baby-boomer” generation doesn’t really “retire” but rather re-energizes, re-invests, re-invents and, ultimately, re-engages in new directions. This path promises rich opportunities. The Bible tells us that the years pass quickly and we fly away. As the days of our lives add up, I am reminded of the importance of appreciating each day. Pasó Por Aquí!"

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