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Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the many different areas of the DNHS Alumni web site. Scroll down to review our numerous FAQ's or click on the topic listing below to be taken to it's section of this page.

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  1. Question: Why does it put a / in my profile's tell us about yourself section when I use a apostrophe?
    Answer: The / is put in by the web server due to how the web site platform is coded. Instead of using a ' just spell out the two words. [IE. we'll = we will & I'll = I will] ;-)

  2. Question: I filled out the registration form but haven't received the email, now what do I do?
    Answer: If you filled out the registration for and it replied that it had dispatched a verification email to the email address you listed but you didn't receive the email do the following: 1) Give it half a day to a day for your email provider to process it (sometimes it takes a while due to Internet email congestion issues and problems with free email providers servers). 2) Log into your email and check your SPAM folder (it is know that yahoo put our emails into spam automatically). 3) Add the email address [don't include the .nospam] to your particular email's white list to ensure that it isn't blocked/deleted or filtered in anyway.
    If after waiting a full day and completing steps 1/2/3 try registering again using a different email address (remember no one will ever see it so don't worry about using your personal/private email address).

  3. Question: When I try and register with the web site is says "Invalid Email Address". What am I doing wrong?
    Answer: The web site does several check to confirm the email address is valid to keep people from creating unsolicited accounts in an attempt to spam the valid sites users. If you are getting this error manually type in your email and it's confirmation (copy & pasting it sometimes/usually doesn't work) and manually check each email entry for any blank spaces at the beginning or end of the email address. If it still doesn't work then try using a different email address. Once you create your account you can update the email address to any email address you choose.

  4. Question: How do I delete my alumni entry?
    Answer: Alumni entries have to be deleted by the sites administrator. To have your alumni entry completely deleted send a request from the contact us page [make sure and give us your accounts log in name] or just hide your entry from being viewed by your fellow alumni (reference FAQ #7).

  5. Question: Is the information on this site sold or distributed to third parties?
    Answer: No the information you submit on this site is not sold to or distributed to any third party. Information collected this site is exclusively displayed on this site with the intention of providing information and a means to DNHS alumni to communicate with each other. With that said however, all the information submitted to this web site is publically visible by the sites visitors/members and stored in a database. Thus it can be collected/noted by anyone who manually reviews individual alumni submissions. For more detailed information in regards to how information is collected and used on this site visit our Terms of Service page.

  6. Question: What is the maximum picture size, maximum file size and picture type I need to upload for my alumni entry picture?
    Answer: The alumni picture maximum size is 150 Height by 150 Width, the maximun file size limit is 1.43MB and the pictured needs to be in on of the following formats: .jpg |. gif | .png | .jpeg.

  7. Question: How do I hide my profile from being viewed by site users/alumni?
    Answer: Update your profile and select "No" to the question: Do want other alumni to see your profile?

  8. Question: How do I disable getting email notifications from this web site?
    Answer: Update your profile and select "No" to the question: Do want this site to send you notifications by email?

  9. Question: How do I make a comment to a specific Alumni's profile entry?
    Answer: To make a comment on a fellow Alumni's entry log into the web site using your account (this must be done to post a comment on the site), navigate to the alumni's profile/information page you wish to leave a comment on and then fill in what you would like to say in the 'Add a Comment' box and click on the "Add Comment" button.

  10. Question: How can I donate towards the costs invloved with running and maintaining this web site?
    Answer: Send a donation information request from our contact us page.

  11. Question: How can I get invloved with the maintaining/development of this web site?
    Answer: Send a detailed email explaining your skills/abilities and experiance to us from the contact us page.

  12. Question: How do I delete a user comment on my listing?
    Answer: Use the sites contact us page to email the site's administrator requesting a specific comment be removed. Make sure to include detailed information about exactly which comment(s) you want deleted.

  13. Question: How do I find out about reunion information if it's not listed on this site?
    Answer: Check the major reunion web sites, visit the school's offical web site here or do a Google search on reunions for your class year.

  14. Question: Reunion information for my class year isn't listed on this site. Can I send in a request for information from this site?
    Answer: You can send in a request for reunion information if you want but we will most likely not have any information for you. All reunion information we receive is posted on our reunion info page as soon as we receive it. If we do not have any information listed for your class year then we have no further information available to give to you.

  15. Question: How do I submit reunion information to be listed on this web site?
    Answer: Send us the reunion information via our 'Contact Us' page from the main web site. Please make sure to include all the details you wanted listed and necessary contact information for the reunion's coordinators.

  16. Question: What are the commands available in the chat room?
    /nick {newnickname} - Change the nick (rename it) and notify all the joined channels/privmsg
    /privmsg {nickname} - Established a private message chat session in a new tab in the chat window.
    /quit - Logouts the user from the chat
    /help - Shows the command list
    /me {message} - Writes a notable message
    /send {text to send} - Sends a text to the room
    /whois {nickname} - Shows the user's details

  17. Question: Why was a word I used in the chat room replaced with *'s?
    Answer: Because the word was deemd as unpolite and a swear filter is enabled in the chat room to make the conversation enjoyable for people who prefer not to use colorful metaphors.

  18. Question: How do I disable the sounds from the chat room?
    Answer: Click on the icon on the bottom left that looks like a speaker with red lines to the right of it.

  19. Question: How do I send a private message to somone in the chat room?
    Answer: right click on their name in the chat window and select private message or use the command: /privmsg {nickname}

  20. Question: How do I disconnect from the chat room?
    Answer: Click on the icon on the bottom left that looks like a world with a lightning bolt on it or just navigate away from the chat page or close your browser.

  21. Question: Why is the chat history from previous discussion listed in the chat room?
    Answer: It is viewable due to the way it is setup and was thought it was worth while to leave up in case someone wants to reference information previously said that gets disconnected.
    If you notice objectional information listed in the chat rooms history then simply type the following in the chat room: /clear which will remove it from your specific view.

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