Alumni Registration Page

Due to our site being constantly targeted by spammers and automated spam bots for the last five years the previously available automatic process of creating an alumni account has been disabled until further notice.

To have an alumni account created for you manually and it's log in information sent to you via email please send us the below listed information via email.

  1. Desired Log In Name:
  2. Desired Log In Password:
  3. First Name:
  4. Last/Maiden Name:
  5. Graduating Class Year:
  6. Email Address:
After submitting the above information to us via email we will send a reply email to you asking you to reply to us again to verify your your email address and ask you any questions needed in regards to the information you submitted.

After which once we hear back from you we will manually create an Alumni account for you and send you one more email reply adivsing you it has been created and requesting you to log into it and update your alumni profile further. Once you receive the email confirmation that your account has been created you will then be able to log into the web site using the information provided to you and add/update your alumni entries information as you see fit.

Thanks for your interest in registering an alumni account on the official DNHS Alumni Web Site ;-)